Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lynn and Dot Bruce Part 2

One day Lynn and Dot were traveling down a straight stretch of interstate at near warp speed , headed to judge a BBQ contest. Running  parrellel to the interstate was a county road with some houses on it. One of these houses was having a big yard sale. The ever eagle eyed Bruce's spotted a large stuffed chicken in the yard sale goods and decided it would make a prefect mascot for Team Top Chick. They had to drive several miles farther to find an exit. Finally the big Lincoln was slowed and turned down the county road. (I suspect an illegal median crossing may have been involved). The stuffed chicken was purchased and promptly delivered to us at the contest. They were so excited, and the to hear them tell the story was hilarious. That chicken has made every trip with Team Top Chick since.

My fourth and most likely final trip to Charleston, was one I never wanted to make. In September 2006, Dot died unexpectedly with a heart attack. We attended her memorial and learned about an other side of Dot we didn't know from school mates and local friends. Even among the sadness there was humor. Lynn told us the story of he and Dot discussing a friend who's spouse had passed away and if they had started dating again. Lynn said "Dot if anything happened to me, how long do you think you would wait before you started dating?" and Dot said "Hell, I'd probably bring a date to your funeral".  That was classic Dot.

Lynn moved back to Dyersburg and the Charleston contest was no more.  Though he remained somewhat active in the BBQ community, we saw him less in the southeast. I strongly regret that I did not keep in better contact with him. Then in August 2010 we got the word that Lynn too had passed away with a heart attack.

If you knew them, then I'm sure you  have great memories also. If you didn't ,then you missed out on two very special people, that make our BBQ community the unique and wonderful place it is.....

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