Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Judging was a lot of fun.....

I achieved Master Judge status in two years back then there weren't near as many KCBS contests in the southeast. We were allowed to count MIM and FBA contests toward our 30. I took the training class for their contests so I could Judge them. I really enjoy the on site Judging at a Memphis style contest. I made a lot of great friends in both the Judges world as well as the cook teams. Mark Delashaw, Bill Boggs Randy and Carol Biggler , Mickey Williams, Vicky and Steve Owenby to name a few Judges, all became great friends.

The KCBS reps, Ron Harwell, the Braziers, Tony Stone, Stephen Smith, and others. All top noch at what they do, and good friends.

Back then, the only family member that traveled with me was  oldest daughter Anna. The whole BBQ community adopted her like family and helped look after her while I was judging. I guess she was paying attention.

Two highlights of my judging career was judging the Jack and on site Memphis in May (Big Bob Gipson).

Of course during this time is when I met Terrell Jones....... but he will get his on story ..or two...or three... when I am ready to tell them....

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Rita said...

Anna was fortunate to have experienced the BBQ comp world and as you said, she must have been paying attention, since she's won on her own. Memorable moments!