Sunday, July 13, 2008

KCBS Judging School

I think I lost about a year after my first Demopolis contest. I kept getting the BBQ News paper, cooking at home, we went to the Decatur contest, the Jack, and Demopolis again, getting to know all of the a fore mentioned characters better. I had signed up for a KCBS judging school to be held in Huntsville Al. and taught by Ronnie Harwell.

What a great experience it was. Dr. Harwell does an excellent job of teaching the class and is an outstanding ambassador for KCBS. He told me about the BBQ Forum and I have been a regular ever since. As I remember Bobbie and Lee McWright, Blindog, Mark Delashaw,and Randy and Carol Bigler were involved. Mickey Williams, Bill Boggs were fellow students. I knew these were my kind of folks. As of March 16, 2002 I was a KCBS member and Certified Judge . Mickey and I were in a race to see who could make master judge first. He would beat me by a considerable amount, none the less, By July 30, 2004 at Lebanon I would get my Master Judge certificate. My 30th contest would actually be Winchester 2004 which was also my first contest to judge in 2002.

Now I was a rookie KCBS judge in search of a contest and Winchester was in my sights.

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