Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Jack!

The first contest I ever attended was the Jack. I was completely blown away. The smokers, the rigs, the teams were too much to absorb. I boldly went up to various teams and began asking questions. Little did I realize I was interfering with with the most important event in the world for these teams. It is truly a wonder that no one punched me out. Actually everyone was pretty decent to me. Then I spotted the BBQ News motor home. I went over and picked up a complimentary copy of the BBQ News. This is so cool I thought, BBQ has it's own newspaper. Soon I would meet the proprietors of the paper, Joe and Carlene Phelps, two of the nicest people in the world. They could could see how fired up I was and invited me into their motor home. There they told me all bout the world of competitive BBQ.

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