Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well I decided to test my theory that judges are now afraid to talk to cook teams  This past weekend in Lewisburg I sat outside my trailer on the path leading to the judging tent where they were feeding cooks and judges supper on Friday afternoon /night..Several walked by., I know they were judges cause they had badges and pins, lots of pins,. I greeted each warmly, "Hello, How are you? where you from? Hope you get something good to eat tomorrow, hope it's mine". Most only managed a weak "Hi"as they kept their head down  and kept walking. One however did say in response to my wish that he get something good to eat and it be mine, "you may not know this, but we don't know who's BBQ we are eating, we really don't ." "Do you know anything about judging" he asked me. Well I was a master judge before I started cooking, I said. "oh well i guess you do know what we do" he said.Not one had enough interest to ask about our cooker, meat or anything else.As I have said before they (The Judges) just run in their own pack now, largely oblivious to the cooks around them. Sometimes I think we would be just as well off to just load the bus down at the nursing home and bring them on down on Saturday morning....

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